Bridal Session: Jennifer – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Summer is my favorite season. It used to be Fall, but Summer is so much more giving with its sun and trees, and birds, and smells; and living in the south how I just realized this baffles me. Happiness. That was what this shoot was all about. Whether it be in a smile, in a laugh, a kiss, or an embrace, Jennifer’s shoot exemplified such feelings in a nutshell. Lately, I’ve been infatuated with old movie romance and how everything was all about body language and the interaction between two people; you didn’t need anything more than that; no dialogue, just them. So, I did another 2-min short and really tried to capture this.

I’m very thankful that Jennifer and Myke let me test some video ideas out on them while at our Santa Rosa Beach Bridal Session. It’s been just over a month and their cloud 9 gets stronger day in, day out. Ah, Summer how you bring out the best in people.


As Seen in The Knot Magazine